Honker vs. Mrocco challenge 2012

Two elements... and a few daredevils against the wild nature...

In one corner two Honker cars and three BMW 450 DAKAR edition motorbikes, Pasagon service car, balloon and hundreds of pounds of equipment. In the opposite corner is the Africa which challenges the participants of expedition in two stages, a total length of which is over three thousand kilometers long. The first clash with the mainland is about a thousand kilometers in unpredictable conditions through gorges and offroad routes of the Atlas Mountains. The second stage is a soulless enemy Sahara desert, the length of which is longer than two thousand kilometers.

From Warsaw by Genoa and Tangier to the off-road routes of Middle and High Atlas

We start on 14th of March in Warsaw. Honkers and the Pasagon embark on tour from Lublin, packed to maximum capacity, taking the BMW motorbikes, balloon, and countless amounts of equipment. Then will be a two-day ferry ride from Genoa to Tangier. This will be the last occasion for refinement of strategies, followed by trip to Fez, where the first round actually begins. 1000 kilometers of a dangerous struggle in the scenic roads of the Atlas, the tour through the Taghia Gorge and off-road reaching Dades Gorge, is an extreme test of the efficiency and capabilitie of the polish Honker in the wildest terrain. Expedition members will tame walls of the gorge, half a mile high, during the balloon flight, crossing the landscape in some of the highest cliffs in the world. After passing the exam and winning the first round Honkers, Pasagon and motorcycles, for which it will be just a prelude before the desert, along with their drivers will gain a well-deserved break in Marrakech.

From Marrakech straight into the jaws of a lion.

Round two, which is 2100 kilometers long, what means the range of 300 kilometers per day, will be the constant pursuit of time and escape from danger. In this battle, three BMW 450 motorcycles, adapted to almost hellish conditions, will play a major role. The expedition will cross into the stony part of Sahara desert through Atlas Mountains, to forget about civilization and then cross the border of Western Sahara. The wilderness of the sandy Sahara and hundreds of miles of total off-road driving will lead the motorcycles and Honkers to unpredictable land of the Nomads, the Tuaregs and the recent, often still mined lands of war, to El Aaiun. Unknown rides, sand penetrating eyes of daredevils and the machinery, lodging in the open air will be everyday life, before the expedition will finally reache the Atlantic Cliff. Sand is the cause why the next stage of the journey, until they return to civilization, is rich in beautiful landscapes, unique karst forms and numerous monuments of huge ships and boats. After the hardest part of Honker vs. Maroko clash, the participants will taste a moment of breath in Sidi Ifni, where they will still feel the recent danger on the back. They will cool the last labors, giving up the struggle for kite boarding, and admiring the beauty of Africa from the air during the balloon flight. Than coming back to „the ring” of the tour and the road, which can be found on the maps, will take place a journey to Casablanka and finally the last tour to Tangier and Warsaw.